Harold Jacubowitz was born in Antwerp, Belgium in 1950, the son of a jeweler and an English raised mother.

Studied in English colleges and Antwerp's Royal Academy of Fine arts where he followed courses in stained glass windows, painting, African art and ceramics.
Worked in Israel with Marek Cecula before Marek moved to the USA, the ceramics were sold through the Maskit shops in Israel.

In Antwerp he was an apprentice in his father's jewellery workshop during the day and studied jewellery design, painting and modelling in the evening in Brussels.

An international career as a world renowned jewellery designer and manufacturer never diminished his passion for creating ceramics and therefore he continued to perfect his craftsmanship during workshops in Italy and England, setting up a studio at his home in Belgium and working today, after Aliyah to Israel in 2014, in Shoresh and Beit Meir.

Creativity has always been my one and only real passion expressed through my career as a professional jewellery designer, photographer, furniture designer, ceramic artist or amateur musician.


Ceramics has that particular characteristic of being the most tactile of all art forms. Clay that is being so subtly shaped in the palm of your hand and once  fired it will turn to stone and endure for thousands of years.

an introduction....

My work is inspired by archeology, the source of the oldest ceramic artifacts. In particular  the archeology of the Middle East with its invention of writing and the imprint  of cuneiforms in clay. It's a Jewish form of art with the full background of biblical, rabbinical, Talmudic, and Kabbalistic traditions of teaching and learning.